TAG-Cloud Exchange

TAG-Cloud’s largest success stories has been the development of one of the largest private cloud implementation in the region, called the ‘TAG-Cloud Exchange’.

The TAG-Cloud Exchange provides around-the-clock cloud services for all of TAG.Global's over 100 offices across the globe with ease and smooth implementation.

TAG-Cloud supports a wide array of applications, running on dedicated hardware and designed and supported by our very own cloud consultants.

The TAG-Cloud Exchange runs on TAG.Global’s high speed, dedicated Internet line connecting all its offices throughout the world, without any link to any Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Service Reliability using TAG-ISP
The TAG-Cloud Exchange is supported by TAG ISP, a dedicated Internet connection linking directly to the Hashem 1 Internet backbone in Jordan without any intermediary.

This provides unrestricted, high speed Internet access for all the organizations activities including centralized Internet services, network management, content filtering and network security and reporting functionality for all Internet activity conducted by TAG.Global employees.

The TAG-Cloud Exchange provides private cloud services to the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN), an entity dedicated to linking Arab research and educational institutes around the region to a dedicated link STM1 with 155 Mbps capacity and to interlink such centers to the European, US, and world regional Research and Education Networks (RENs) via ASREN Pop in London.

The link allows researchers and educators to access tremendous resources available on the global interconnected research and education resources, including digital repositories, computing infrastructure, applications and services. Research communities have seamless and federated access away from the highly congested Internet.

TAG-Cloud consultants have been instrumental in designing and providing a robust cloud infrastructure for services offered to the growing ASREN network.


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