Forum Baylaw


i. Forum's Objectives:

1. Prepare reports to support Jordan's economic policies in both the public and private sectors.

2. Provide economic advisory services, including preparation of specialized researches and providing economic advice and guidance for both the public and the private sectors.

3. Mobilize the potential of a team of former and current economic experts and decision-makers in the public and private sectors, as well as academic specialists, to serve the objectives of the Forum on the basis of specialization in specific economic areas.

4. Assess costs and benefits, conduct economic impact studies and provide for public policy analyses of matters related, among other things, to taxation and governmental program funding, advise on developmental strategies and financial and monetary management, provide industry analyses, assess economic competitiveness and review  public sector’s performance.

5. Draft economic visions on the short, mid and long terms and present them to decision makers away from disharmony or negative coalitions and dialogues with keen interest in maintaining an objective scientific study role.

6. Cooperate with donors and local, regional and international development agencies, civil society organizations, the business sector, governmental agencies and education sector.

7. Involve the youth as a main driving force and as effective producers.

ii. The General Assembly

1. The General Assembly consists of active members who meet the membership requirements for enhancing high quality economic debate, help raise awareness and understanding of economic issues, ensure a higher level of economic analysis and develop economic policy in Jordan.

2. Membership: Membership shall be obtained by invitation from the Chairman to natural and legal persons for joining the Forum. The Executive Committee shall be duly notified of joining members.

3. Reasons for ending membership: Membership in the Forum shall be terminated in any of the following cases:

a) A Written request by the member to end his membership.

b) A Decision to end membership by the Executive Committee which can be required in the following cases:

a- If the member commits any violation of the provisions of these Bylaws and the regulations issued thereunder .

b- Upon the request of the party represented by the member.

c- If the member is convicted with a felony or misdemeanor involving violation of dignity or public morals.

d- If the member fails to attend three consecutive meetings or a total of six meetings without an acceptable to the Executive Committee.

e- If the member becomes incapable of fulfilling his duties for any reason.

4- Membership Fees: Membership fees shall be nominal and shall be determined by the Executive Committee provided that be duly informed the General Assembly.

5- Membership Term: The term of membership shall be for one calendar year, renewable annually, and shall expire on the thirty-first of December of each year regardless of the membership starting date.

6- The Forum will ensure that members will regularly receive its reports, papers (electronic, hard copies), analyses, comments and discussions on important economic issues, as shall be directed by the Executive Committee.

iii. The Executive Committee

1- The Executive Committee shall consist of:

A – The Chairman.

B – The Vice Chairman.

C - Heads of Committees.

D – The Advisors.

E - The Rapporteur.

F - The Executive Director.

2- The Executive Committee Responsibilities:

A - Follow-up the work of all committees.

B - Recommend any activities, strategies or policies to the General Assembly as well as the implementation of what has been approved.

C – Inform the General Assembly of decisions for terminating memberships or approving new members.

A – The Chairman:

I- Chairmanship term: The term of the Chairman shall be indefinite.

II. Chairman's Duties and Powers:

1) - Chairs the meetings of the Board of Trustees, the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.

2) -Be In charge of the management of the Forum and its affairs.

3) - Recommends topics to be discussed by the committees as approved by the General Assembly.

4) - Represents the Forum before all local, regional and international bodies, authorities and institutions, and may be deputize for performing such tasks.

B – The Vice Chairman: The appointment and the termination of the vice chairman shall take place upon the recommendation of the Chairman and the approval of the General Assembly.

C - Heads of committees:

I- The appointment and the termination of the Heads of Committees shall take place upon the recommendation of the Chairman and the approval of the General Assembly.

II. The committees shall be composed of:

1) The Production Committee.

2) The Financial and Monetary Policies Committee.

3) The Key Challenges Committee.

4) The Accountability, Transparency and Integrity Committee.

5) The Committee for Promotion of Economic Relations with Arab Countries.

6) New committees may be formed at a recommendation from the Chairman and approval by the General Assembly.

III- Members' participation in the committees' work shall be voluntary.

IV- The committees shall prepare studies and make recommendations related to their missions as well as presenting regular reports on the progress of their work.

iv. Advisors: General Advisor, Development Advisor, and Media Advisor

1. The General Advisor: The appointment and termination of the General Advisor’ shall take place by a decision from the Chairman of which the General Assembly shall be informed.  He shall be vested with the tasks and powers required to provide advice, or participate in conducting studies on the following issues:

(1) Policies, plans and legislation relevant to economic, financial and social affairs.

(2) laws related to work relations and conditions and other laws pertinent to the Forum’s business.

1) Launch specialized economic initiatives in the name of the Forum.

2) Establish cooperation links with national economic institutions that feed the government with information so that agreement on metholodoligical approach of coordination with decision makers can be reached to enable twinning, or one team work between the Forum and the respective institutions under the umbrella of the Forum’s advising role; disseminating statistical data in a transparent and a high-level professional manner on our website and the committees.

3) Open up channels of communication with national professional associations to address problems or obstacles impeding the economic sectors as well as offering help to those associations in addressing such problems by proposing solutions within the scope of the Forum’s professional and consultative capacity.

4) Draft an action plan for integrating and activating the role of the Forum’s members in disseminating the economic and awareness raising outreach mission of the Forum; and towards that goal the General Advisor may seek help from members of the General Assembly in accordance with the task's nature.

2. The Chairman’s Advisor on Developmental Affairs: The Chairman’s advisor on developmental affairs shall be appointed and terminated by decision from the Chairman of which the General Assembly shall be informed.  He shall be vested with the tasks and powers required to provide advice, or participate in conducting studies on the following issues:

1) Publish work of active members after presenting it before the Executive Committee.

2) Enable the participation of the youth through dialogue, with the Forum's members; activating their role by raising their awareness through organized specialized discussion sessions with them.

3) Prepare an economic manual for the Forum to incorporate information on members, for those who wish to publish such information on the website; the aim of which is to provide, without implications, for a professional promotional website as an added value for active members and as a reference point for those seeking such information.

4) Prepare specialized publications for the Forum’s.

5) Set up a mailing communication list relevant to the theme of the Forum with the aim for disseminating such economic intellectual and communal messages that will fulfill the Forum’s goals and vision.

6) Perform any other task assigned to him by the Chairman.

1) The Chairman’s Media Advisor: The Chairman’s Media Advisor shall be appointed and terminated by decision from the Chairman, of which the General Assembly shall be notified.  He shall be vested with the tasks and powers required to provide advice, or participate in conducting studies on the following issues:

(1) Prepare and publish news, articles and research.

(2) Engage in intensive and considerate media communication with the press to communicate and explain the Forum’s work.

(3) Open up communication channels with the media by focusing on the Forum's activities, and marketing them through the media.

(4) Participate in televised debates in the name of the Forum.

(5) Assign space in newspapers to address the most important themes and issues in the name of the Forum.

(6) Follow up with members on their weekly journalistic works and publish and market such works under the title “ Media monitor”.

(7) Hold press conferences simultaneous with sending the committee’s papers to the government.

(8) Media marketing of the Forum’s activities in a professional and objective manner.

(9) Approve issuance of periodical newsletters on the Forum’s activities and events as they come from other departments.

(10) Perform any other task assigned to him by the Chairman.

C. The Rapportuer:

i. Appointment: The Rapportuer shall be appointed and terminated by decision from the Chairman of which the General Assembly shall be informed.

ii. Authorities and Responsibilities: Monitor recording of minutes of all meetings for the presentation thereof before the Chairman, draft meetings’ transcripts and decisions, prepare agendas and periodical and annual reports and furnish the Chief Executive Officer with copies thereof.

C. The Chief Executive Officer:

i. The Chief Executive Officer shall be appointed and terminated by decision from the Chairman of which the General Assembly shall be informed.

ii. Authorities and Responsibilities: The Chief Executive Officer’s authorities and responsibilities shall be as follows:

(1) Follow up on all administrative and financial matters in coordination with the concerned authorities.

(2) Follow up and coordinate with the Rapportuer and heads of the committees on basis regular.

(3) Follow up all that pertains to membership and members' list.

(4) Activate and constantly follow up with the website.

(5) Define the general steps required in the preparation of reports by pursuing a clear methodology in coordination with the Rapporteur.

(6) Follow up with works already accomplished by the committees in coordination with the Executive Committee.

(7) Follow up with the regular and periodical meetings of the committees by coordinating with the committees’ heads on an ongoing basis.

(8) Facilitate the task of preparing the recommendations and the relevant documents to provide them to official authorities in accordance with the vision and decisions of the Forum’s Chairman.

IV. Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustee shall be made up of no less than 10 members, who shall give advice and guidance to the Forum in light of their wide experience and scientific knowledge over the years.

V. Communication with the Media:

(1) The Chairman’s Advisor for Media Affairs shall be responsible for issuing any statement or press releases in direct coordination with the Chairman.

 (2) Only authorized persons may be permitted to establish contacts with the media within the authorities vested in them and as necessary, subject to prior approval and coordination with the Media Advisor and the Chairman.

VI. Membership to Entities or Associations:

The Forum is entitled to membership of other local, regional or international bodies and associations.  It may also enter into partnerships or cooperative agreements with the purpose of enforcing the role of the Forum and expanding its activities so as to serve its goals.  Nevertheless, such a right shall be subject to a decision to Chairman's decision provided that he notifies the General Assembly.

VII: Organizational Chart:

Annex ( ) Attached

VIII: General Provisions

1. The financial resources of the Forum shall consist of the following:

A. Allocations earmarked made by members from their private resources, to cover the forum’s expenses towards achieving the Forum’s goals.

B. Annual membership fees.

C. Donations, grants and gifts.

D. Revenues accruing from activities performed by the Forum.

E. Any other financial resources approved by the Executive Committee provided that such resources are not contradictory to effective laws and regulations.

2. The forum shall be subject to applicable laws and regulations currently in force in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in matters pertaining to acceptance or provision of donations.

3. The Forum shall be subject to the Bylaws on Non-Profit Companies No. 73 for the year 2010 issued by virtue of Article 7(d) of the Companies’ Law No. 22 for the year 1997.

4. The Chairman shall have the authority to take the appropriate decision on all matters not provided for in these statutes provided that the General Assembly is duly informed of such decisions.


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