Chairman's Message

The Economic Policy Development Forum (EPDF) was established in June 2011 as an independent initiative. The Forum's mandate is to study and revise reports submitted on economic issues and to conduct its own economic studies and research in Jordan.

The Forum has quickly achieved prominent presence on the economic arena. It has attracted participants from all national sectors in addition to experts, researchers and future leaders whom Jordan is replete with. They have come together in this voluntary national endeavor with a sense of responsibility as well as positive commitment to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the country's economic structure and to recommend remedies.

The demonstrated level of commitment and dedication of the heads and members of working groups, coupled with the positive responsiveness of those in charge in state institutions towards this forum.

Has encouraged me to further develop the initiative into a permanent institution to serve national economy and to compliment the efforts undertaken by our government.

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh


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